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Beyond the Classroom

Youth & Family Programs

There are many special Youth and Family programs throughout the year, most of which are generously sponsored by our PTA.

Back to School Day

Usually on the first Shabbat of Hebrew School. This is an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a new school year, meet the teachers, learn about the curriculum, and ask questions.  

Shabbat Dinner

Celebrate Shabbat with other BZBI families on a Friday evening. There is usually a short Kabbalat Shabbat (Welcoming the Shabbat) experience, followed by z’mirot (Shabbat songs) and a delicious meal.

Havdalah Event

A special program for the whole community, taking place on a Saturday evening during the school year.

Coffee and Conversation

A great opportunity to socialize with fellow parents, engage in thought-provoking conversation with clergy, and nosh on pastries and coffee while children are downstairs learning. These take place on five Shabbat mornings throughout the year, while Hebrew School is in session.

Sleep Under / Parents Night Out

BZBI children in grades Second through Seventh are invited to spend a Saturday evening of fun at the synagogue, while parents spend some time together at a nearby restaurant.

Holiday Programs

Members of all ages come together to celebrate holidays with a special meal and a related program. These include the Erev Simchat Torah dinner, Community Hanukkah party, Purim Se’udah, and Yom Ha’atzmaut picnic.     

Kadima Youth Group (5th – 7th Grade)

USY Kadima offers the youth members of BZBI an opportunity to build their relationship with the BZBI community away from Hebrew school. Kadima offers a social environment away from the school setting that helps develop stronger bonds with friends from class. Our monthly programs around the city of Philadelphia build camaraderie as well as a substantial interaction with Jewish values. Experiential learning offers a strong complement to the education provided in the classroom. While learning of these ideals in class is productive, actualizing on our curriculums allows for essential exposure to and participation in the application of these values. There are events that focus more on creating a fun environment, such as going bowling or ice skating. In addition, there are events that take a more sincere look at how Judaism plays a role in helping our community. This was demonstrated by an event where we walked around center city and handed out baked goods and shared positive messages and warm smiles with the homeless community. Through this event, we can actualize on mitzvot of helping those in need as well as learn about Jewish values such as equality of human life. Even just a picnic in the park adds to a sense of congregation, which does not have to be limited to the sanctuary on Shabbat mornings. USY Kadima helps to expand one’s Jewish identity in a fun, engaging and active way.

Programs last roughly two hours on one Sunday per month, usually in the mid-afternoon hours. Contact Rachel Beck to learn more.

Getting Involved as a Parent

As a parent, we consider you a part of our community and offer various ways for you to be engaged. You can do so by being a Parent Ambassador, joining the PTA, attending “Coffee & Conversation” or getting involved in the Education Committee.

What is a Parent Ambassador?   

A Parent Ambassador helps connect the Youth and Family office with the parents of their child’s class. Over the course of the year, we offer several social events, holiday programs, and special school days, and our Parent Ambassadors help the Youth and Family office get the word out. You can indicate if you want to be one on the registration form.   

Are there any opportunities for parents to learn and socialize with other adults?

Absolutely! Adults can engage with each other during our PTA Coffee & Conversation and Parents Night Out, as well as some of our special events and holiday programs. Of course, you are always welcome to participate in any of the adult classes offered by BZBI and keep an eye open for updates on additional opportunities that are specific to Youth and Family.   

My child attends a Jewish Day School. Can s/he attend any of your programs?

We consider BZBI children who attend Jewish Day School to be part of our family, and welcome you to participate in any and all parts of our programs. Outside of the classroom, you can sign up for one our Youth Groups and/or join us for holiday programs and special events. In the classroom, you have the option of registering for Shabbat mornings only, with a suggested donation to help us offset our cost.