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for 2023-2024 Youth and Family Programs

We look forward to welcoming your family to our learning community!



  • If you are a BZBI synagogue member, a former Early Childhood family, or a returning Hebrew School family, we recommend logging into ShulCloud before clicking the registration link. If you are logged into your ShulCloud account, some of your information may automatically prepopulate the form.


  • Plan on completing the form using a computer (not a smart phone or tablet), and leave enough time to complete and submit the entire form (10-20 minutes) as progress cannot be saved.


  • Payment information is due upon completion of this form and the form cannot be successfully submitted without it. There are three payment options:
    • (1) Pay by credit card online (there is a 3.0% credit card fee)
    • (2) Pay by e-check online (there is a 1.5% fee to pay by e-check)
    • (3) “Bill to my Account.” If you select this option the synagogue will generate an invoice and add it to your account. Please note:
      • (1) Selecting this option constitutes an agreement to pay the invoiced amount by or before Monday, August 15, 2023.
      • (2) This option is only available to synagogue members and you must be logged into your ShulCloud account.


  • Tuition Refunds
    • We hire staff, purchase supplies, and make other important decisions based on our enrollment numbers. For that reason, if a family chooses to unenroll a student…
      • Before June 15, 2023: we will refund 70% of tuition and fees
      • Before July 15, 2023: we will refund 50% of tuition and fees
      • Before August 15, 2023: we will refund 25% of tuition and fees
      • On or after August 15, 2023: no refunds will be issued​​​


  • Hebrew School Tuition for a Child Only Attending Once/Week
    • If your child is only able to attend Hebrew School once per week in a grade that meets twice a week (1st – 7th), please email the Director of Youth and Family Education ( for an alternate version of the registration form.
    • See below for tuition details for children only attending once per week:
      • If NOT also enrolled in another Jewish Education program, tuition is prorated by 33% (There is no proration for Bonim or Gan as these programs only meet once a week by design).
      • If your child or children attend Hebrew School once a week AND are also enrolled in another Jewish Education program of similar or greater intensity as Neziner Hebrew School, tuition is prorated by 50%.