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Program Overview

In keeping with Neziner Hebrew School’s mission of providing the knowledge and experience necessary for its students to make a commitment to live a Jewish life, our program focuses on the themes of Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut Hasadim. Each grade explores each theme through a specific lens, framed around sacred texts, traditional rituals, and real life applications. The program follows a spiral curriculum, with learning taking place within each class as well as across the grades, as students share ideas creatively. Every topic intertwines with the other, and students build their knowledge based on what they learned the year before.   

Torah: Through Torah study we connect to K’lal Yisrael, Israel, God, and our traditions, all of which cultivate and increase pride in our Jewish identity. Lifelong Torah study helps form and informs our Jewish identity.

Avodah: The practice of prayer can help us grow through personal reflection, can increase our connection to the Jewish people, and can strengthen our relationship with God. Engaging in the work of avodah can bring order, beauty, meaning and insight to our lives and our community.

Gemilut Hasadim: We have a responsibility to perform person acts of gemilut hasadim to make the world a better and holier place.

For a more complete overview of each class and its focus, you can read our curriculum.

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Our Hebrew School meets on Shabbat mornings and on Monday/Wednesday afternoons. Shabbat is the one day on which all age groups are present, and in their Alef year (first grade), students start arriving on weekdays as well. Alef is also the first year that children are eligible to participate in the Adasha class.   

On Shabbat mornings, our students spend part of the time with their peer-group discussing the week’s Parasha (Torah portion), and part of the time with other groups in a worship experience. In their Gimel year (third grade), students start participating in Junior Congregation and Hebrew Ma’agalim (elective Hebrew learning circles).

In their peer-group weekday, student spend one hour studying Hebrew and one hour on Judaica studies. In their Adasha weekday, they engage in a mix-aged learning experience. 


Neziner was the name of the third congregation to join what we know today as BZBI. Their official name was Congregation Ahavas Achim-Anshe Nezin, which meant “Congregation of Friendly Sons of Nezin,” a small town in southern Russia from which many of them arrived in the late 1800’s. They joined temple Beth Zion – Beth Israel in 1984. You can still see their original Ark and Bimah when you visit our school, both still being used during our Shabbat morning Junior Congregation service, and their chandelier is in the Kahaner.


Shabbat is a central pillar of the Jewish experience. Combining observance of Shabbat with prayer and learning allows us to experience this cornerstone of Judaism together in a meaningful way. Having all generations of BZBI members in the building at the same time, engaged in worship, and hearing words of Torah makes our mornings very special.

Much like dressing up to go to shul, our Neziner Hebrew School also takes on a slightly different form on Shabbat. The air is slightly more peaceful, the activities are calmer in nature. We all show up a little dressier than usual, start the morning together with Asefa (gathering), and then engage in learning, Kiddush, and an abridged weekly Shabbat service.  Students in Gimel (third grade) and older participate in Junior Congregation, a slightly longer service that includes a short Torah reading and is led entirely by the students.

Neziner Hebrew School Class Schedule

Tot Shabbat
1-3rd Enrichment Class4-6pmincluded w/ tuition
4th-7th Enrichment Class4-6pmincluded w/ tuition
Hebrew High6-8pm$1,120

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