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Mazel Tov, Jacob!

Jacob is a 7th grader at AIM Academy and a long-time camper at Ramah Day Camp. Jacob has been part of the BZBI community since he was 2 years old when he attended BZBI’s playschool and then preschool. Jacob continued his Jewish education as a student in the Neziner Hebrew School. Jacob’s hobbies include reading,… Read More

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Members of the Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel Sisterhood recently visited the “Notorious RBG” exhibition at the National Museum of American Jewish History. BZBI members and NMAJH docents Shelly Hirsh and Naida Mosenkis led the tour for the Sisterhood.          

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Human Nature, for Better and for Worse

Bereshit 5780 / 26 October 2019

One of the great debates of the Enlightenment centered on basic human nature: left to our own devices, outside the bounds of society, who would we be? The two extremes of this debate were represented by Jean-Jacques Russeau and Thomas Hobbes. Russeau believed that humans were naturally good, sensitive creatures who wanted only to live… Read More

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To Gather and Be Gathered

Yizkor * Shemini Atzeret 5780

“Open closed open. Before we are born, everything is open in the universe without us. For as long as we live, everything is closed within us. And when we die, everything is open again. Open closed open. That’s all we are.”  —Yehuda Amichai Erin Williams Hyman wrote:  “I love this piece of poetry of [Yehuda… Read More

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“My Love Will Find You”

Yom Kippur 5780

Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You Nancy Tillman I wanted you more than you ever will know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go. It’s high as you wish it. It’s quick as an elf. You’ll never outgrow it…it stretches itself! So climb any mountain… climb up to the sky! My… Read More

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