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Understanding the Divine by Way of Analogy

Ki Tissa 5777/18 March 2017

Everything we know, we know by way of analogy. Even language operates by way of analogy. Words are but breathes of air or marks on a page. They are not the thing itself that we are describing. When we point and say “this is a tree” the word “tree” is not the thing we are… Read More

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March Board Buzz

BZBI BOARD BUZZ Want to get involved? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to any of the board members/committee chairs listed below, or contact Community Engager Terri Soifer. ADULT PROGRAMMING Upcoming events for this spring include: April 22: HIAS Shabbat, with HIAS Pennsylvania Executive Director Cathryn Miller-Wilson April 30, 4:00-6:00 pm: Jewish Thought… Read More

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Lifting Toppled Stones to Become a Sanctuary

Terumah 5777/4 March 2017

Thank God for Shabbat! This has been a long and emotional week for our Philadelphia Jewish community. On Sunday, the Mt. Carmel Cemetery was vandalized, then on Monday, JCCs in Delaware, Cherry Hill, and Wynnewood received bomb threats. Many of us here at BZBI have relatives buried at Mt. Carmel and were worried that their… Read More

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Mazel Tov to Lex!

Please join us this Shabbat for the Bar Mitzvah of new congregant Alexander Winitsky. In addition to Torah reading from Lex’s entire family, the Haftarah will be chanted by Lex’s grandfather, Judah Samet, a Holocaust survivor, an IDF Veteran, and a 40-year lay chazzan from Tree of Life in Pittsburgh. Judah’s powerful nussach, and the… Read More

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Standing Against Hate

In recent days, events in the Philadelphia Jewish community have left us feeling heartbroken, frightened, and angered. On Sunday, it was discovered that several hundred graves had been vandalized at Mt. Carmel Cemetery in the Northeast. Today alone, 20 American Jewish institutions received bomb threats including the Kaiserman JCC and Perelman Jewish Day School in… Read More

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