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Prophecy and the Prophets in Israel

Eikev 5777 / 8 August 2017

Today’s D’var is a D’var NeVuah, rather than a D’var Torah It is A Comment on Prophesy and the Prophets in Israel, rather than on the Torah, itself THE FIRST QUESTION I WOULD LIKE TO CONSIDER IS HOW WERE THE PROPHETS CHOSEN AND HOW DID THEY REACT TO DIVINE CHOICE? Thoughts Book of Yonah on… Read More

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A Year with the Gemilut Hasadim Closet

On Wednesday, August 2, a few BZBI congregants and one of our Tikkun Olam leaders, Alyssa Bailkin, gathered in the Spruce Street entrance to open the Gemilut Hasadim Closet. Our Gemilut Hasadim Closet, otherwise known as our Caring Closet, is a monthly pop-up distribution center for toiletries and other daily necessities for Philadelphia residents in need…. Read More

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Discovering the Hidden Sukkot of Philadelphia

Planning BZBI's First Sukkah Hop

During Sukkot each year, our family goes on a hunt around Philadelphia to find sukkahs.  We wander through Old City (where we spot the sukkah that goes over the sidewalk in front of the Old City Jewish Art Center), and through Rittenhouse (past BZBI’s sukkah and the sukkah in Rittenhouse Square).  We remember the pop-up… Read More

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Understanding the Conquest of Canaan on Tisha B’Av

5777 Devarim / 29 July 2017

  Today, we start the fifth book of the Torah, D’varim or Deuteronomy.  D’varim, (“words”), reflects the fifth book’s presentation of a series of first-person speeches. The book begins, “These are the words that Moses addressed to all Israel on the other side of the Jordan. . . Traditionally seen as the words of Moses delivered before the… Read More

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Sharing Lessons between Generations

Hukkat 5777 / 1 Jul 2017

Good morning and Shabbat shalom. Today’s parashah, parashat Hukkat, begs interpretation, self-connection, and analysis. Hukkat begins with the complex law of the red calf, whose ashes are said to purify those who have come into contact with a corpse. Moving along with the parashah, Miriam dies, on the 10th day of the first month, which… Read More

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