BZBI, where you belong

Our Vision

    This Congregation has been established to build and maintain a synagogue — the Jewish people’s Beit HaKnessetBeit HaMidrash, and Beit HaTefillah — as a house of assembly, study, and prayer. The objective of the Congregation is to provide religious services, educational programs and classes, and cultural, social, and recreational activities for the Jews of the Greater Philadelphia community, especially those living or working in Center City Philadelphia.

    The Congregation is committed to the principles and values of Conservative Judaism. The Congregation is dedicated to the study of Torah, which leads to the observance of the mitzvot; the principle of Klal Yisrael, which encourages the Congregation to reach out to all Jews irrespective of affiliation; and the State of Israel, Eretz Yisrael, which is the historical homeland of the Jewish people, a spiritual resource for Torah learning, the focus of a Jew’s liturgical attention, and the center for the ingathering of Jews, physically and spiritually.

    BZBI Bylaws