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Early Childhood Education

Laurie Wagman Playschool and Abigail R. Cohen Preschool 

It’s been said, that museums are keepers of time. A larger reality is that children are the keepers of time…a measure of our hopes and tomorrows to come. They are core to civilization and sanity. It is the children who fill us with awe and keep us renewed. Visit our BZBI Preschool and you’ll see what I mean.

—Laurie Wagman

Our Philosophy

The Preschool (ages 3-5 years) and the Playschool (ages 18 months-3 years) provide a play-based program incorporating Jewish values and traditions. Our program fosters a joyful and welcoming environment, is culturally and spiritually rich, and blends both secular and religious content into a comprehensive and developmentally-appropriate curriculum. The children are guided by a team of caring educators who are dedicated to creating a Jewish atmosphere where stimulating, challenging, and satisfying learning opportunities emerge, allowing the children to explore and discover who they are and the world around them. Through a paradigm of enrichment and fun, students acquire skills and competencies in areas such as language and literacy, science and nature, pre-math, art and music appreciation, kinesthetic development, and social awareness. We observe Shabbat, celebrate the Jewish holidays, and practice mitzvot. We seek to impart a lifelong love of learning and to illuminate a deepening sense of Judaism as a joyful and meaningful experience in our children’s lives.

*BZBI is an Equal Opportunity Care Provider.*

Our Goals

Our goals for your child are to:

  • provide a warm, nurturing, supportive, “first” school experience;
  • create a stimulating, enriching environment of diverse materials and experiences for safe exploration, healthy fun, and well-rounded development;
  • encourage your child’s growing independence, ability to relate to a group, and formation of a positive self-image;
  • develop a Jewish identity and sense of community spirit;
  • offer personal attention, a focus on individuality, and provide experiences that meet the needs and interests of each child.

Our goals for the parents are to:

  • provide  a facility and program where each child is nurtured and well cared for with ample opportunities for parents to observe and participate;
  • present a warm and nurturing setting to ease the transition from home to school for the parents as well as the children;
  • provide opportunities to interact with the teachers, obtain ample feedback, discuss concerns, and help focus on activities for the individual child;
  • enhance opportunities for interaction with other school families in order to share parenting experiences, developmental information, and a sense of community in both secular and Jewish areas;
  • encourage the satisfaction, sense of commitment, and pride that comes from involvement in your child’s first program.

Tours are offered on Tuesday & Thursday at 9:30 AM starting October 5. Please contact our Early Childhood Office at 215-735-5142 to schedule a tour.


Risa Young

Programs Coordinator
Tracy Goodman


Early Childhood Committee
Nicole Morris & Alexandra Romirowsky

Early Childhood PTA
Jacalyn Pollock & Arielle Kerstein