BZBI, where you learn

Program Overview

Our program offers 2, 3, and 5 day options for children from ages 18 months to 5 years old. In our school, children will learn Jewish values and independent thinking in a creative, play-based, and joyful environment. We provide a gentle transition from home to school for our youngest children and opportunities for individualized exploration as they grow.

Goals for Children and Families

  • Create a joyful Jewish environment that embraces children’s diverse talents and interests, where children are valued and respected as capable and competent
  • Provide an enriching environment of diverse materials and experiences that encourages creativity, curiosity, and exploration
  • Support children’s growing independence, ability to relate to a group, and formation of a positive self-image
  • Nurture Jewish identity through stories, song, and celebrations and a develop a strong sense of community spirit
  • Enable children to develop the range of academic and social and emotional skills to ensure a successful transition on their educational journey
  • Encourage friendship, kindness, and respect for one and another and respect for the environment
  • Provide opportunities for families and teachers to work in partnership to support children’s growth and development
  • Engage families in a variety of social experiences to encourage a community of support, friendship, and collaboration
  • Encourage a lifelong relationship with BZBI


Our early childhood philosophy embraces the importance of play as the essential vehicle for how children understand their world. We provide opportunities for learning, exploration, creativity, and self-expression based on the idea that children have the interest and potential to construct their own knowledge with the support of educators who collaborate, nurture, and inspire them. Our educators create engaging classrooms where stimulating, challenging, and satisfying learning opportunities emerge, allowing the children to explore and discover who they are and the world around them. Using both intentional planning and emergent curriculum children develop essential academic competencies in language and literacy, science, math, the creative arts, higher-level thinking skills, and social and emotional development. We seek to impart a lifelong love of learning and to illuminate a deepening sense of Judaism as a joyful and meaningful experience in our children’s lives.

Further Reading

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