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Life After Brit Mitzvah…

In keeping with our mission of motivating students to make a commitment to live a Jewish life, we offer various opportunities for our teens to engage with each other and the community at large. Some are described below, others are shared throughout the year.

Whether or not your teen was called to the Torah and/or had a ceremonial celebration, they are considered a Brit Mitzvah in the eyes of the Jewish law. That means they are responsible and accountable for their own Jewish identity and actions. So, not only are they allowed to participate in our programs, they are encouraged to.


Our program continues after b’nai mitzvah and the 7th grade year. We encourage our learners to continue on to Hebrew High (8th-10th grade). Hebrew High offers an opportunity for participants to build community together, develop their own Jewish voices through group discussion, and explore topics and ideas they are interested in and passionate about.


USY (United Synagogue Youth) offers BZBI teens an autonomous space to explore their Judaism in a meaningful way in a modern urban setting. BZBI USY programs include social, religious, educational, and service based initiatives, as well as participation in Mizrach USY Regional events. BZBI USY provides a variety of peer-led programs that enable each of our teens to find a comfortable affiliation point to USY and develop their own identity as community leaders. Contact Larry Kaplan, BZBI USY Advisor, for more information.


Teens have an opportunity to volunteer in various capacities in synagogue life, from guiding younger age groups to helping with administrative tasks, giving them hands on involvement in the community. They are also offered roles in our different programs and special events, such as the Sleep-Under and the Purim Carnival. Contact the Larry Kaplan for more information.