BZBI, where you learn


We joined BZBI in 2005, when it was time for Molly to start Gan. It was important to us that our children get a good Jewish education. We were immediately comfortable here. Even Michael, who is not Jewish, has always felt welcomed by the community. BZBI is where we truly feel we belong.

—Deena, Michael, Molly & Colin Flanagan

I just received Nicholas’ mid-year report, and I really wanted to share a line of it with you… “Nicholas is proud of his Jewish heritage and enjoys sharing his experiences with his classmates.”... I give you tremendous credit. You absolutely have been critical in any interest he has had in Jewish anything! I’m so thrilled that at age 5, he is completely comfortable being Jewish in a non-Jewish environment, being proud of the fact he is Jewish, and wants to share the fact that he is with others – skills he will need for his whole life! Thank you! We are so blessed to have Neziner in our lives!

—Jennifer Merves Robbins