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Kadima offers 5th-7th grade members of BZBI an opportunity to build their relationship with the BZBI community. Kadima offers a social environment away from the school setting that helps develop stronger bonds with friends from both BZBI and the community. Our programs build camaraderie as well as Jewish values.


Experiential learning offers a strong complement to the education provided in the classroom. There are events that focus more on creating a fun environment, such as going bowling or to a Phillies game. We also do educational programs such as a scavenger hunt at the Weitzman Museum of American Jewish History. In addition, there are events that take a more sincere look at how Judaism plays a role in helping our community. Through these events, we can actualize on Mitzvot of helping those in need as well as learn about Jewish values such as equality of human life. Even just a picnic in the park adds to a sense of Kehilah, which does not have to be limited to the sanctuary on Shabbat mornings. Kadima helps to expand one’s Jewish identity in a fun, engaging and active way.


Programs last roughly two hours on one Sunday per month, usually in the mid-afternoon hours. Contact Us to learn more.  For more information, please email


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