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Mazel Tov Hannah!

June 6, 2019

Hannah lives in West Philly and attends Friends Select School, where she is an Honor Roll student. In the Fall, she will begin 8th Grade at Barrack Hebrew Academy. Hannah deeply loves to run, and for each of the past two years has finished in the Top 10 girls at the Germantown Friends School Invitational at Belmont Plateau. Hannah’s favorite place is בפוקונוס רמה מחנה (Camp Ramah in the Poconos), where she is a second generation חניך (camper). She is a strong and forthright person, who believes in being true to herself regardless what others around her think. For her Bat Mitzvah project, Hannah has acquired and is distributing and raising awareness about Tikkun Tokens in Philadelphia. You can find more information about Tikkun Tokens here.