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June 18, 2019

The library program we began this year has been a huge success! We had a group of volunteers who went to Stephen Girard Public School each week to visit the fourth grade classes. Our core volunteer group was made up of three BZBI members, Rosa Esquenazi, Joanne Klein, and Debbie Pollack, and one neighborhood, Evelyn Eskin, who have all been an enormous help on this project.

When we visit the Library, we talk to the students, read stories, and try to find books that will hold their interest. Sometimes we mix things up by doing movement exercises, singing songs, and practicing public speaking.

We have also been cleaning out the library, which is a huge job. Some of us come in each week to work on books and we also organized a cleaning day which turned out to be a lot of fun. Some of the books have been there since the 1960s and many were racist and/or inappropriate. There was also a lack of popular books or modern books with up-to-date information for students working on projects. We have done a lot of work to update the library with exciting books and remove the ones that were no longer useful.

The donations from BZBI have been wonderful in filling out the library shelves. However, we are always looking to improve the library and we will continue to ask for donations in the future.

We’re getting ready for another wonderful year with the Stephen Girard. We would like some new volunteers so we may expand into the third grade classes as well.

We need you!

For more information about the Library Program, look here. Please reach out to Rosalie if you’d to be involved! We are looking for weekly volunteers as well as substitutes who can come in occasionally.