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Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel’s Sisterhood Visits RBG Exhibition

November 6, 2019

Members of the Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel Sisterhood recently visited the “Notorious RBG” exhibition at the National Museum of American Jewish History. BZBI members and NMAJH docents Shelly Hirsh and Naida Mosenkis led the tour for the Sisterhood.

Taking their place on the bench at the exhibition (from left) are BZBI Sisterhood members Sharri Horowitz, Estelle Fleischer, Joanne Klein, Deborah Glassman, Gwen Rudofsky Freedman, Tracy Goodman, Eileen Dwell, Lynne Ellis, and Arlene Fickler.

Standing in front of a photograph of the young Ruth Bader Ginsburg are Sisterhood members Sharri Horowitz (left) who organized the visit and former BZBI President Arlene Fickler.