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Reflecting on the Neziner Hebrew School Year


May 25, 2016

The Neziner Hebrew School year has come to a close and I can proudly say we had an amazing school year!  We are so blessed with wonderful students, staff and families that make up our close-knit Neziner community.

The school year was filled with engaging learning opportunities, but a few stand out more than others.  Our Hebrew High students were fortunate to have been able to hear Holocaust survivor Dave Tuck share his story with us.  BZBI member Ernie Kahn, also a survivor came and addressed our Hebrew High as well.  The Anti Defamation League also came to visit and presented our students with their Anti-Bullying initiative – No Place for Hate.  Students were given the opportunity to share experiences they may have had with anti-Semitism as well as some tools to help them, should they encounter a situation where discrimination is happening.

Our sixth and seventh graders had the opportunity to hear Lex Winitsky’s grandfather tell his story of survival from the camps as well.  

The seventh grade class – Kitah Zayin, as a class donated a total of $2,000.00 dollars from their B’nai Mitzvah gifts to local non-profits.  As a class they chose two organizations to donate their money to: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and One Step Away.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation is a charitable, tax-exempt organization benefiting The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  As a nonprofit organization, Children’s Hospital relies on donations to make a difference in the lives of children, to research better treatments for the future, to help families that cannot afford healthcare, and to provide quality of life programs and services.

One Step Away seeks to engage the Philadelphia community by providing income opportunities and raising awareness for social justice issues through creating and distributing a monthly newspaper.

One Step Away is a monthly street paper focusing on social justice issues in Philadelphia. We seek to be a voice for the people, publishing stories written by those without homes and the community.

Their vendors come from all walks of life, often experiencing homelessness or joblessness when they join. We are an open program with only one requirement: The desire to work and make a difference.

Each organization will receive $1,000.00 from our 7th grade class!  I am so very proud of each of these children for working together to choose the benefactors of their money.  They made their choices after doing research and engaging in dialogue with their teacher.  Mazel tov to the entire Zayin class!

Mazel Tov also to Kitah Hay Teacher, Hila Fishman and her husband Lev on the birth of their beautiful son Ori.  We will miss Hila next year, as her family will be moving to New York over the summer.

Wishing all of our Neziner students, families and staff a safe and happy summer.  See you in September.

Cindy Citron

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