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Continuing Our Traditions with a Fifth Year of RH²

July 19, 2018

As the Marom Band begins our set at RH²: Rosh Hashanah in Rittenhouse Square I look out from the stage at the crowd of celebrants and my heart swells. I see people of all ages and appearances proudly gathering on the Square to celebrate Rosh Hashanah together. Some are singing along or dancing, some are silently swaying; others are simply enjoying a festive holiday picnic with loved ones. As the sun descends on the last day of the Jewish year, It seems like the whole park is filled with a sense of joyful anticipation of the year that we will soon enter together.

Each year I am struck by how rare and precious this is- authentic Jewish ritual and festival celebration that is welcoming of and accessible to all, regardless of identity, background or communal affiliation. Each year I am filled with joy and gratitude seeing how blessed I am to be able to enter the New Year in this way- offering the music and prayer that I love with my beloved community.

Whether you’ve been with us for RH² many times or you’ve yet to make it out, I invite you to join us on the September 9th. For the past four years BZBI has funded this communal holiday experience; this year we are reaching out to the community for support. Please take a look at our Jewcer crowdfunding campaign for RH² and consider partnering in creating this unique and uplifting communal holiday experience.