BZBI, where you worship


    BZBI offers a wide range of religious services including the sale of hametz, Siyyum Bekhorot before the holiday, services throughout the hag, and yizkor service during the final days. But Passover more than any other Jewish holiday is focused on relatives and friends.  As described by Senior Rabbi Abe Friedman in his 5780/2019 message, our goal is to help you address suffering, hold ourselves and loved ones with compassion, and choose life and goodness each day.

    In the words of Rabbi Friedman: “On Pesah night, we fulfill the mitzvah of telling the story of Passover, engaging our senses with the props on the seder table. The symbols of the seder encompass a wide range of emotions as we call on experiences of both oppression and freedom, of moments of despair and of hope. We dip fresh greens, bounty of spring’s renewal, in salt water tears. We pair bitter maror with sweet charoset and eat it with matzoh, which is known as both the bread of affliction and the bread of our liberation. We call out, “Dayenu!” our song of gratitude for all the blessings we have been given and we open the door for Elijah to bring the redemption for which we still yearn.

    “This Pesah, as we hold the brokenness and the beauty of our world together, may we cry out and sing out and mark the festival in ways that nourish our souls and that bring joy and meaning to this unprecedented moment unprecedented in our lifetimes.

    “May healing come for all who are suffering in our families, in our community, city, country and all across our world. May we hold ourselves and one another with patience and compassion through this time and all times. As we tell our stories this Passover, may we be inspired with the courage to choose life and goodness each day.”