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Passover 2023-5783

    Passover 2023 at BZBI 


    The deadline to sell Hametz online is 8:45 AM on Wednesday, April 5.

    Please complete our online form on ShulCloud, allowing Rabbi Abi Weber to sell all of your Hametz on your behalf. A donation to tzedakah is required to make this a valid transaction. Our rabbis recommend a donation to the Passover League. 

    The Passover League distributes grants throughout the Philadelphia region to groups that provide Seders to individuals who would otherwise not have the resources or ability to attend. The Passover League also provides Passover food for home-bound Jews and distributes boxes of Passover food to hospitalized Jewish veterans. Choose the charity you wish to support when you complete the online form.

    Paper authorization forms are available in the Temple Office for those who prefer – the final deadline to turn in paper authorizations is Tuesday, April 4 at 3:00 PM.

    BZBI PASSOVER SCHEDULE 2023 – click here to view the entire schedule. 

    Click here to register for all services, using our regular Zoom religious services link.

    To download the Rabbinical Assembly Guide to Pesah, click here. 

    Tuesday, April 4

    • Temple Office & Giftshop open 
    • 7:45 AM – Morning minyan on Zoom 
    • Rabbi Stone’s “Two Philosophic Books of the Bible” on Break – No class today
    • 3:00 PM – Deadline for the sale of Hametz in person at the Temple

    Wednesday, April 5 – Erev Pesah

    • Giftshop open until the end of Morning minyan
    • Early Childhood Program on break, Classes resume on April 17 
    • 5:16 AM Ta’anit Bechorot – Fast of the First Born Begins
    • 7:45 AM – Minyan with Siyyum in Klinghoffer Chapel and on Zoom; small festive meal to follow
    • 8:45 AM – Deadline for the sale of Hametz online
    • 10:55 AM – Stop eating Hametz at this time
    • 11:59 AM – Destroy or dispose of all Hametz not sold
    • Temple Office closes at Noon 
    • No evening minyan
    • 7:10 PM – Light Yom Tov candles; Prepare Eruv Tavshilin
    • First Seder tonight

    Thursday, April 6 – Pesah Day 1

    • 9:30 AM – Yom Tov service begins in Goldberg Sanctuary and on Zoom
    • 8:11 PM – Light Yom Tov candles from a pre-existing flame
    • No evening minyan
    • Second Seder tonight – begin counting the Omer
    • Temple Office is closed

    Friday, April 7 – Pesah Day 2

    • 9:30 AM – Yom Tov service begins in Goldberg Sanctuary and on Zoom
    • 7:12 PM – Light Shabbat candles from a pre-existing flame
    • Temple Office Closed 
    • No First Friday


    Saturday, April 8 – Shabbat Hol Hamoed

    Sunday, April 9 – Hol Hamoed Day 2

    • 9:00 AM – Morning minyan in Klinghoffer Chapel and on Zoom

    Monday, April 10 – Hol Hamoed Day 3

    Tuesday, April 11 – Hol Hamoed Day 4

    • 7:45 AM – Morning minyan on Zoom
    • Rabbi Stone’s “Two Philosophic Books of the Bible” on Break – no class today
    • 7:16 PM – Light Yom Tov candles
    • No evening minyan


    Wednesday, April 12 – Shvi’i shel Pesah (7th Day)

    • 9:30 AM – Yom Tov service in Goldberg Sanctuary and on Zoom
    • 8:18 PM – Light Yom Tov and Yizkor candles from a pre-existing flame
    • Temple Office closed 

    Thursday, April 13 – Aharon shel Pesah (Final Day)

    • 9:30 AM – Yom Tov service with Yizkor in Goldberg Sanctuary and on Zoom
    • 8:19 PM – Yom Tov ends – have some pizza!
    • 8:40 PM – You may begin using any Hametz you sold
    • No evening minyan
    • Temple Office closed 

    Friday, April 14

    • 7:45 AM – Regular daily minyan schedule resumes with Mindful Minyan on Zoom
    • 7:19 PM – Light Shabbat candles

    Saturday, April 15 – Torah Academy Shabbat

    • 9:30 AM – Shabbat service in Goldberg Sanctuary and on Zoom – come hear BZBI’s newest adult Torah readers and celebrate their accomplishments!
    • 8:21 PM – Shabbat ends

    All Early Childhood, Youth & Family, and Adult Programs resume Monday, April 17. 

    Community Bagged Lunch for Passover

    The deadline for all orders is Thursday, March 30, 2023, at 5:00pm

    Let’s join together for lunch on Chol Hamoed Passover! Boxed Passover Lunches will be offered and served at the synagogue from 12:30 to 2:00 pm on Monday, April 10 and Tuesday, April 11. The cost is $26.00 per lunch. You can enjoy your lunch here or feel free to grab and go – whatever works for you! Click here to order yours. 

    On Monday, we will serve a fresh matzah bagel with nova lox, whitefish salad and cream cheese along with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and fresh fruit.

    On Tuesday, we will serve a deli sandwich on a matzah roll.  Please pick your choice of corned beef, roast beef, tuna salad, chicken salad or egg salad, along with lettuce, tomato, potato salad and fresh fruit.

    Clean Your Pantry for Pesach Food Drive

    Five POWER congregations–Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Philadelphia, Old First Reformed UCC, Leyv Ha’ir Heart of the City, and Society Hill Synagogue will work together to support POWER member congregations in South Philadelphia whose over 200 families are facing food insecurity. 

    Donate unopened packages of canned goods, pasta, rice, chickpeas, and legumes. Especially desired by the clients are white rice, sardines, and diapers. Drop items off at the BZBI 18th Street lobby through Tuesday, April 4.

    Activities outside of BZBI: 

    USCJ Community Cook Book

    If you are looking for new recipes for your seder, click here to access the USCJ community cookbook. There are dozens of kosher recipes for every family including soups, appetizers, sides, entrees and desserts.

    MAZON’S Hunger Seder Haggadah

    MAZON remains committed to ending hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds, and they need your support to continue this holy work. Help fight for justice by Downloading the Hunger Seder Haggadah

    Free Haggadahs from JBI Library 
    JBI offers Large Print, Braille, and Audio Haggadahs, free of charge, for anyone who is visually impaired, blind or print disabled. They offer editions for different denominations and in different languages. Three new editions are now available in accessible formats: Mishkan HaSeder from the CCAR Press, PJ Library’s Family Haggadah, and the Chabad Haggadah. Click here to get yours now!

    PJ Library: Passover for Kids

    The PJ Library has much to offer this Passover for families with children! Click here to download the PJ Library Haggadah, a 15 minute Seder book, Passover story books, and playlists for kids.