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Passover 2021-5781

    Authorization to Sell Hametz 5781

    The deadline to sell hametz is 11:59 PM on Thursday, March 26, 2021

    Please complete our new online form on ShulCloud, allowing Rabbi Abe Friedman to sell all of your hametz on your behalf. A donation to tzedakah is required to make this a valid transaction. It is customary to make a donation to BZBI; to the charity of your choice; or preferably, to the Passover League in exchange for selling your hametz.

    The Passover League distributes grants throughout the Philadelphia region to groups that provide Seders to individuals who would otherwise not have the resources or ability to attend. The Passover League also provides Passover food for home-bound Jews and distributes boxes of Passover food to hospitalized Jewish veterans. Choose the charity you wish to support when you complete the online form.

    BZBI Passover Schedule

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    To review or download the Rabbinical Assembly Guide to Pesah 2021-5781, Click here.

    Thursday, March 25

    7:45 AM – Morning Minyan followed by Siyyum Bekhorot
    Rabbi Valerie Joseph on Tractate Pesachim
    8:30 PM – Evening Service

    Friday, March 26

    Early Childhood Education and Temple Office closed
    7:45 AMMindful Minyan
    5:30 PM – Tot Shabbat
    6:00 PM – Kabbalat Shabbat

    Saturday, March 27 – Shabbat HaGodol

    9:30 AM – Zoom Shabbat

    Torah Service
    Conclusion of Service
    Shabbat HaGadol Learning

    11:01 AM – Finish eating Hametz before this time.
    12:03 PM
    Hametz needs to be removed from the house
    7:53 PM
    – Shabbat Ends
    8:01 PM
    – Holiday candle lighting (from an existing flame)
    1st Seder 
    at home, no evening service

    Sunday, March 28
    Passover 1st Day

    9:30 AM – Festival Morning Service
    8:02 PM – Holiday candle lighting (from an existing flame)
    2nd Seder at home, no evening service

    Monday, March 29
    Passover, 2nd Day

    9:30 AM – Festival Morning Service
    8:03 PM – Havdallah at home
    No evening service

    Chol Hamoed Pesach (intermediate days)

    Tuesday, March 30 – Thursday, April 1
    Passover 3rd – 5th Day

    7:45 AM – Morning Service
    8:30 PM – Evening Service

    Friday, April 2
    Passover 6th Day 

    7:45 AM – Mindful Minyan
    5:30 PM – Tot Shabbat
    7:00 PM – Musical Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbis Yosef and Annie including Shir HaShirim
    — Note Seasonal Kabbalat Shabbat Time Change —
    7:08 PM – Candle lighting

    Yom Tov Shel Pesach (final days)

    Saturday, April 3
    Passover 7th day 

    9:30 AM – Zoom Shabbat and Festival Service, followed by Kiddush
    4:00 – 4:45 PM – BZBI community gathering at Fitler Square Park with special Passover-themed programming for kids and teens (0 through high school)
    8:08 PM – Shabbat ends

    Sunday, April 4: Yizkor and COVID Memorial
    Passover 8th day 

    9:30 AM – Festival Morning Service with Yizkor and COVID Memorial
    8:09 PM – Passover ends
    9:15 PM – You may begin using any hametz you sold.

    Hag Sameach!