TIkkun Lael Shavuot 2021

    Tikkun Lael Shevuot 2021

    Session 1 – Confirmation Presentation Sunday
    Neziner Confirmation Students
    Learn from the students about the Jewish perspective on caring for animals and the environment, caring for our bodies and minds, the origins of Purim, why Judaism requires us to help those in need, and innovative ideas about Jewish education.

    Session 2 – Choosing Judaism
    Diana Phillips, Monica Djerassi, and Heidi Schneider, who will read her essay, “Immersion” from the book.
    On the holiday of Shavuot, we celebrate Jews by Choice as we read the Book of Ruth, who was the first Jew by Choice. This year, we look forward to hearing the stories and voices of some of our BZBI community members who have chosen Judaism. We are also celebrating the publication of Diana Phillips’ new book Choosing Judaism: 36 Stories, and we are excited to have her with us to share her story and her experience editing this anthology.

    Session 3 – Under the Mountain at Sinai: The Ethics of Coercion
    Rabbi Ira F. Stone
    The Rabbis envisioned the Sinai moment of obligation as a mountain suspended over the heads of the Children of Israel. We will explore the philosophic implications of Coercion as the basis for responsible behavior.

    Session 4 – Paper Bridges & Visions of the World that is Coming
    Rabbi Annie Lewis
    Through Yiddish poetry, literature and Hasidic thought, we will explore visions for a world redeemed.

    Session 5 – My Father was a Wandering Aramean and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
    Rabbi Abe Friedman
    Once upon a time, Shavuot celebrated the offering of bikkurim, first fruits, in the Temple in Jerusalem. This year, we’ll return to the bikkurim and ask how those rituals might help us navigate our own turbulent and uncertain times.

    BZBI Festival Morning Service including Yizkor
    A look at the names of those upon whose shoulders we stand.

    Tikkun Lael Shevuot 2020