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Focal Point

Tetzaveh 5779 / 16 February 2019

Call to mind the most beautiful building you have ever been inside. Focus on the details: how were the walls aligned, and what materials were used to construct it? What furniture and decorations were inside? Who used the building, and how were they dressed? Now, turn to the person next to you, say “shabbat shalom,”… Read More

Posted: February 20, 2019 by

A Vegan Meal Courtesy of Last Year’s Quizzo “Friend”-raiser

Debbie Zelnick and David Miller bid on a silent auction item at last year’s Quizzo night.  They were determined to win “Rebbitzin will cook a vegan/vegetarian dinner in your home.” It took a while to coordinate calendars but it finally happened on Sunday evening, January 27th. The totally vegan menu started with Rabbi Abe’s Miso Soup (delicious!) followed… Read More

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Praying is a Team Sport

T'rumah 5779 / 19 February 2019

Jews, if you didn’t know, are pack animals. This is what we do, and what we do best. “Hinei Mah Tov U’mah Naim Shevet Achim Gam Yachad, How good it is, how sweet it is, to sit to together on this day.” This is the most familiar line from the Psalms, the one that almost… Read More

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Accounting for Justice

Mishpatim 5779 / 2 February 2019

It’s a strange thing, that we refer to history as “the past,” when in its very essence our remembering brings those events into the present. Almost two weeks ago I was in Atlanta for my father’s unveiling. Standing at his grave, seeing the outline still where the grass hasn’t fully grown in, his name etched… Read More

Posted: February 6, 2019 by

Welcoming the Stranger

Yitro 5779 / 26 January 2019

This week’s D’var Torah focuses on our work with HIAS and the Mbonigaba family. To learn more and to help support this program–either financially or through volunteering–click here. In this week’s Parasha, Yitro, we arrive at the apex of the Exodus story – Bnai Yisrael arrive at Har Sinai, and Hashem is ready to close… Read More

Posted: January 29, 2019 by