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Dues Schedule

    $2,975 + $180 maintenance fee

    (or Single Adult Household)
    $1,500 + $90

    31–35 Household
    $2,175 + $180

    31–35 Individual
    (or Single Adult Household)
    $1,175 + $90

    30 & Under Household
    $1,175 + $180

    30 & Under Individual
    (or Single Adult Household)
    $675 + $90

    Student Individual *

    Associate Household **

    Associate Individual **

    Special arrangements (reduced dues and/or alternative payment plans) are available upon request to members for whom the above dues structure presents a financial hardship.

    Senior discounts ($250 Household or $125 Individual) are available upon request for those 65 and older for whom full Household or Individual dues presents a financial hardship.

    * Student membership is available to FULL-TIME college and graduate students (include copy of current student ID). Fellowships, paid internships, and residency programs do not qualify for student membership.

    ** Associate membership is available to those who live elsewhere for part of the year and maintain primary membership at another synagogue. Associate dues do not include, Early Childhood membership discounts and Neziner Hebrew School enrollment beyond 2nd grade.

    About High Holy Day Tickets: Household membership includes two High Holy Day tickets. Individual and Single Adult Household includes one High Holy Day ticket (tickets not required for dependent children). Additional High Holy Day tickets are available to members for $180 each. One ticket admits one adult for one or all High Holy Day service(s) and ticket price is not prorated. For further information: or 215-735-5148.