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Program Policies


Ten-minute parking with your hazards flashing and a Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel placard placed visibly in your car’s windshield is permitted during arrival and dismissal. Placards are available in the synagogue office.  This is a privilege that is given to us by the Philadelphia Parking Authority which is not to be abused as it can be revoked.

Drop Off Times & Security

School begins at 8:30 AM and we ask that all children are here no later than 9:00 AM. Some mornings children will begin their day at 9:00 AM with special gatherings such as Havdalah, Hebrew, or music. Some classes start their morning at 9:00 AM with a classroom meeting where children are formally greeted, they discuss the day’s schedule and focus, and engage in conversation or singing.

A security guard is stationed at the main door of the Synagogue for the duration of the school day.  The guard is there for the safety of the community.

Snow and Emergency Closings

When the Philadelphia Public Schools are closed for bad weather, the Abigail R. Cohen Preschool and Laurie Wagman Playschool are also closed. Please listen to any radio, television station, or visit the School District of Philadelphia’s homepage during inclement weather to find out if the Philadelphia Public Schools are closed. Should there be a 2-hour delayed the opening of the Philadelphia Public Schools; we will open at 9:00 AM to give our teachers who live outside of the center city time to arrive.

For more information about our program policies, refer to the parent handbook.