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Siyyum Bechorim

March 25 2021, 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM

Morning Minyan followed by Siyyum Bechorim

BZBI follows the custom of holding a siyyum on the morning before Passover to allow those fasting for Ta’anit Bechorim (Fast of the Firstborn) to break their fast while taking advantage of the halakhic principle that prioritizes Torah study. Because Seder falls out on Saturday night this year, the Fast of the Firstborn – which normally takes place on Erev Pesah – is moved up to the Thursday preceding the holiday. Our Siyyum, which exempts participating firstborn adults from fasting, will also take place on Thursday, March 25.


At the conclusion of morning minyan, join Rabbi Valerie Joseph for an overview of Tractate Pesachim, which she recently completed studying. Since we are all busy before Passover, she will teach “on one foot,” rapidly covering:

  • Why we drink four cups of wine (providing three answers)
  • A husband’s obligation to make his household happy on festivals (and what women want)
  • Accepting support on Pesah
  • The importance of reclining at Seder

She will also describe the seven things that Rabbi Akiva counseled his son, and the three kinds of people for whom God offers special love.


You can access the Siyyum Bechorim using the BZBI religious services link. If you have not done so yet, you can register here.

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