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Shabbhakti, A Yoga Experience

Shabbhakti, A Yoga Experience

June 6 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Now on the first Sunday of the month, Dr. Deborah Glassman offers BZBI members yogic movement, meditation, and connection to the weekly Parashah. All you need are comfortable clothes and a yoga mat, if you have one. Register here.

For several years, Deb has donating time and energy to providing BZBI members with renewal through Shabbhakti yoga. We support her quest to turn Shabbhakti into a thriving business, and as we’ve mentioned for several months, BZBI members begin paying a discounted price of $10 per class next week as Deb begins charging a fee. You can join her on all other Sundays of the month during her general community classes at $15/session. Go to Shabbhakti.com for more information.

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