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Mindful Parenting
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Mindful Parenting

April 19 2018, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

For second time moms or expecting moms. Children 0-10 months old are encouraged to join.

This mindful parenting group is geared toward issues facing second time moms.

These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • behavioral changes or challenges in your first child
  • changes to the couple relationship
  • living without personal space
  • time management challenges
  • practicing mindful parenting

Melissa Grodofsky, MSW (also known as Missy and Ella’s Mom) is facilitating this group and is a believer in parenting mindfully with awareness of what the present moment requires. Rather than getting caught up in our children’s surface behavior, mindful parenting helps us stay connected to our parenting goals while still addressing the deeper needs of our children. Missy will be assisted by Tamar Shiffman, MBA (this year known as David’s mom). Tamar is a mother of four (ages 8 and younger) and has been a member of the BZBI community since she was a child.

The class will be informative and fun and will aim to boost self-confidence and foster a support system of friends.

This course runs for six weeks, with a break on May 17, for the Early Childhood Program’s Grandparents’ Day.

The class is $120 for six weeks. Sign up here.

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