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May 19 2018, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The ceremony of Confirmation marks the last year of many students’ formal Jewish education, and ideally the beginning of a lifetime of Jewish learning and of a commitment within the Jewish community.

Our Confirmation students this year are:

Zoe Bailkin
Lily Cohen
Colin Flanagan
Eli Hoffberg
Leo Kastenberg
Jessica Luterman
Louis Stein
Ariel Mandel Weinbaum
Victoria Zarett

This year’s Confirmation ceremony features an exploration of Jewish moral virtues–middot. While mitzvot are the literal commandments that we follow, middot are the general character-based guidelines that help direct our behavior and the way can fulfill mitzvot. The Confirmation class has begun a process of reviewing middot through critical thinking and personal reflection. Please join us as the Confirmation students lead the Shabbat morning service and present on middot that are especially meaningful and relevant to their lives as Jewish Americans and American Jews.​

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