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Chai-Chi: Rosh Hashanah Tai Chi
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Chai-Chi: Rosh Hashanah Tai Chi

October 1 2019, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

In Chai Chi – The Afikomen Perspective – we will jump right into the preparation and opening moves of the Yang family Tai Chi short form.  And then we will dive down the rabbit hole to explore the internal work of this gentle martial art.  A fusion of breathing, meditation, and dynamic postures, Tai Chi provides relaxation, improved balance, and stimulation of all body systems.  Participants will come away with practical applications to everyday activities as well as a path to an enhanced experience of Jewish prayer.

Doug Barg is a long-time member of BZBI, a former member of the board and ritual committee, and founder of BZBI’s youth programs (USY & Kadima).  He has studied Talmud with Rabbi Stone and Torah reading with Rabbi Musleah.  Doug is a certified instructor of skiing, business process, and GMAT preparation.  He was a serious student and practitioner of yoga for many years.  He has studied Yang Style Tai Chi for 5 years with a variety of teachers. His standard poodle, Chewbacca, is his push hands partner.

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