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BZBI and Israel Bonds Present: Alice Golembo

BZBI and Israel Bonds Present: Alice Golembo

May 20 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

ALICE GOLEMBO has two special relationships with Golda Meir. She is Golda’s grandniece and resided with Golda in the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem. Also, Ms. Golembo was intimately involved in the Broadway play “Golda,” both as an actress and as a consultant to the playwright.

Alice has starred in several Israeli television series, theater productions and films. In the US, she’s worked with Anne Bancroft, Gene Hackman, Joan Fountain, Alexis Smith, and Gary Beach. She is a founding member of the off-Broadway Journey Company repertory in New York. She is a graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts and Goodman School of Drama in Chicago.

Alice’s performance is a combination of theater, humor, information and personal insight into the private life of Golda Meir:

  • Theater: Readings from the original Broadway play “Golda” and from Golda’s dramatic speeches are woven into the fabric of the talk.
  • Humor: Golda’s humanity and humor are illustrated by behind-the-scenes stories of Golda as an off-duty prime minister and theater patron at the play “Golda.”
  • Information: This is all built into a story illustrating Golda’s intense relationship with the Jews in the diaspora.

A minimum $36 Israel Bond donated to BZBI is required to attend. For details and registration, click here.


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