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Beginning Modern Hebrew
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Beginning Modern Hebrew

Offered through Gratz College

March 15 2018, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This class will provide students with the skills to use simple conversational Hebrew. No previous knowledge is necessary. Students will start with the alef-bet and build up to a vocabulary of 200 words and a basic grasp of Hebrew grammar.

Over the twelve weeks of this program, the students will learn:

  • The alef-bet and values
  • To read Hebrew
  • A vocabulary of approximately 200 words
  • To use the present tense for 20 verbs
  • To begin to build sentences
  • To speak conversational Hebrew

The normal cost for the class is $325. It is $300 for BZBI members. Sign up for the class here using the code: BZBI25


This class is offered through Gratz CollegeRhonda Wittlin, adjunct professor from Gratz College, will lead this course.


If you are just looking to learn how to follow along during services, we will be running a Hebrew course in February that teaches you how to read the Hebrew letters and vowels in the prayer book.

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