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Among Jewish people, giving is often called tzedakah. But tzedakah is much more than charitable giving. Tzedakah is a commandment incorporating the concepts of righteousness, justice, kindness, ethical behavior and giving to those in need. The Torah provides guidelines for giving. The ancient Temple was supported by the “first fruits” (gifts given from our bounty) and the “tithe” (ten percent of earnings); those whose bounty and earnings were greater were called to give more. After Temple times, these giving traditions continued in support of synagogues and the Jewish community.

While charitable giving implies giving from the heart as one is moved to do, tzedakah is a mitzvah – an obligation. It is our basic human responsibility to give. Jews have a responsibility to the community and to improve the world we live in. In the Jewish tradition, the spiritual benefit of giving is so great that the giver is said to benefit more than the recipient. Giving gives us spiritual and emotional strength!

Giving is most often associated with a celebration, a remembrance, or an experience for which we would like to express gratitude. We give in honor of happy life occasions, in memory of our loved ones, in appreciation of kindness, or in appreciation for receiving an aliyah (Torah honor). We give when we make a supplication for safe travel or for healing. There are as many occasions to give as we have days in our lives. BZBI is not only an appropriate recipient of your tzedakah – your giving to BZBI combines powerfully with the giving of others to provide for our community making a difference in ways that one person alone could not.

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